Check the testimonials of those who attended the exhibition and the lectures.

"This attitude has to be spread so that people who have the disease can be inspired and live this stage with more happiness."
Ruth Oliveira – São Paulo, SP

"If one day someone close to me, or even myself, has to deal with cancer, I will try to be positive and keep on believing in the recovery."
Marina Ribeiro

"Even with the troubles, we always have to battle against bad things that happen, because our attitudes show how we overcome everything."
Paula Medeiros – São Paulo, SP

"Today, during my shift as a monitor at the OPEN HEARTED Exhibition, I've felt a great emotion that I'd like to share: a 5-year old little boy, João, got in touch with the photos of the Exhibition. Since he still doesn't know how to read, he asked for his 14-year old sister, Joyce, to read for him, what she patiently did. I observed all his expressions and I must confess that I almost cried... After seeing the entire exposition he told me: "I'll ask mommy and grandma to check if they have his problem. If they do, I'll take care of them with love. I'll grow up really fast and do just like husband of that lady (Alessandra Ziukevicius, whose husband, Cleber, studied nursing in order to take care of his sick wife) did and I'll take care of them!" Isn't that great? Thank you for such moment."
Adriana Gladys dos Reis – São Paulo, SP

"I am really touched after knowing the other side of such sad reality. It makes us think about life's value."
Américo Silva – Rio de Janeiro, RJ

"Going beyond, overcoming, winning... Life is once more a big emotion."
Monica Galvão – Brasília, DF

"I thank the opportunity that I had to see the strength and courage of these women who exposed themselves to alert us."
Maria Deoclécio Borges – São, SP

"Congratulations for the Project! This exposition is sensitive. It's able to show the difficulties, suffering, pain and overcoming of who has breast cancer. But it mainly motivates other people to fight against the disease and to live life with all the good things it has to give!"
Ana Maria Oliva – São Paulo, SP

"I was delighted by the mixture of so much beauty and affection extracted from such painful moment. It showed me that everything is possible for those who want to be happy."
Márcia Moreira – Brasília, DF

"What a wonderful initiative! I am the daughter of a warrior woman who is on treatment and I wish she could feel what I'm feeling now! The photos show stories of faith and courage to the patient and the family. The healing is miraculous! This is the time to change!"
Elizete Gomes – Salvador, BA

"In my opinion, the exhibition is wonderful! It gives a lot of support for the women who are going through this process like I did. Nowadays I'm sure that I'm healed. I have the support of my family and I don't feel rejected for not having a part of my body anymore. Congratulations!"
Rosangela Rodrigues Pereira – Rio de Janeiro, RJ

"Sometimes we don't realize that the disease of the others is also mine. The important thing is to keep in mind that happiness is our mission in life. I'm really touched for being able to see a work done with so much humanism."
Claudia Rodrigues dos Santos – Brasília, DF

"I cried when I saw the smile of these warriors!"
J. A. Vasconcelos – São Paulo, SP

"It is incredible the initiative to expose on such beautiful and human way the life of these warriors and, beyond everything else, winners! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! These are examples of life that should be undoubtedly followed. Congratulations!"
Cândida Serafim Teixeira – Rio de Janeiro, RJ

"Courage, bravery, and strength are what the images of this gorgeous exhibition show. The message that we have is that each day, and it doesn't matter what comes with it, is always a new day and there are always possible choices."
Inês Rebouças – Salvador, BA

"The exhibition is wonderful! My grandmother was one of these warriors and she has won the disease with faith, happiness and all our love for her."
Tatiane Filardo – São Paulo, SP

"I attended the Open Hearted exhibition here in Salvador and I saw a movie in my mind. All the suffering that I experienced with my father and my brother during my mother's treatment... She unfortunately died within 10 days, but for those people who are fighting, I tell them to not give up. Fight until the end and have the strength to win this battle against cancer."
Artur Santos Coêlho, filho de Nilma Maria Santos Coêlho – Salvado, BA